My story

Nordic cool and pure meets vibrant and colourful Iberia.  Two worlds that could not be more different have shaped me since childhood and made me who I am today. 

I am inspired by nature and childhood memories:  a flower in a meadow, a hippy market in Ibiza, the swish of the polka-dot skirt of a Spanish Flamenco dancer, the soft shapes and symbolism of the Kurbits paintings and the tin-glazed Azulejos of Spain.  The geometry of Gaudi’s crystal tessellations have inspired several of our fabrics. 

Sweden holds a special place in my heart having spent my childhood summers there watching my artisan grandmother and aunts weaving and embroidering - a number of their works are displayed at the Otilia Adelborg Museum in Gagnef, Dalarna where my family comes from.  I love creating my own works using their techniques.  
The HKH concept allows individuality to shine through - we provide inspiration and expertise and can tailor every piece to suit you or collaborate with you to design an entirely bespoke creation, or we can revive an old favourite to give it a new lease of life.  I love sharing my culture and my passion for design and artisanal craft with you.

“Passion led me here”