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Nordic cool and pure meets vibrant and colourful Iberia.  Two worlds that could not be more different have shaped me since childhood and made me who I am today.  Born in Spain to Swedish parents, I spent my childhood travelling north and south from Spain to Germany and Sweden and back.  Zurich, Switzerland has been my home for many years. It is where I brought up my children.  But I embody every country I have lived in.  

Sweden holds a special place in my heart having spent my childhood summers there.  My grandmother and aunts were artisans and always creating - I loved watching them weaving and embroidering - a number of their works are on display at the Otilia Adelborg Museum in Gagnef, Dalarna where my family comes from.  I love creating my own works using their techniques.  Many of my ideas encompass elements of Gagnefdräkten (the traditional Swedish folk dress from Dalarna).  

I find inspiration everywhere - a flower in a meadow, in memories from my childhood, at a hippy market in Ibiza, in the swish of the polka-dotted skirt of a Spanish Flamenco dancer, the soft shapes and symbolism of the Kurbits paintings and in the tin-glazed Azulejos of Spain.  I find beauty in the way a shadow is cast on a wall by a pendant light.  The geometry of Gaudi’s crystal tessellations have inspired many of my fabrics.  I use them in my blouses, scarves and many of my other garments.  

My Swedish heritage is subtly reflected in every piece and forms the basis of the HKH concept.  I love to incorporate the treasures I find abroad into my creations.  I mix vintage with new to create unique pieces that tell a story and are a joy to wear.

My HKH Swedish Lifestyle Company allows me to share a culture that is relatively unknown to most of the world and my passion for design and artisanal craft with you.

A curated selection of HKH designs are now available at selected stores.  You are welcome to visit VIVAIA in Zurich and Y-PLUS FASHION DESIGN in St. Moritz to see the designs in person and to try them on - we are sure you will love them!

“Passion led me here” 

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