I design with you, to reflect your style.  HKH pieces are bespoke items designed in collaboration with you and handmade in Switzerland.  The garments are made using luxury designer and vintage fabrics sourced in Zurich and abroad.  I design many of the fabrics, which are produced exclusively for HKH by a Swiss artisan textile designer.  Each piece can be completely customised; a limited number can be purchased pret-a-porter.  


I work with a very talented seamstress, Claudia, who has become a dear friend and business partner.  Together we design the patterns and create the collections.  Each HKH piece is hand-finished with love.  

Embellishment / Transformation

Old favourites are given a new lease of life - a cashmere jumper with a moth hole, a favourite shirt with a stain, an ordinary pair of jeans that you wish to make extraordinary — we can embellish these items with special fabrics or trimmings.  A Persian ceremonial saddle cloth can make a gilet a statement piece; a beautiful hand-embroidered fabric from Jaipur can be used as a trim on your favourite pair of jeans to transform them.  Examples can be seen below (Vintage Jacka "Emma").  Contact us to see what can be done.

Create a unique piece that is proudly you” 

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