We design with you, to reflect your style. HKH pieces are bespoke items designed in collaboration with you and handmade in Switzerland.  The garments are made using in-house, luxury designer and vintage fabrics sourced in Zurich and abroad.  Each piece can be completely customised; a limited number can be purchased pret-a-porter.


I work with a very talented seamstress, Claudia, who has become a dear friend and business partner.  Together we design the patterns and create the collections.  Each HKH piece is hand-finished with love.  

Embellishment / Transformation

Old favourites are given a new lease of life - a cashmere jumper with a moth hole, a favourite shirt with a stain, an ordinary pair of jeans that you wish to make extraordinary – we can embellish these items with special fabrics or trimmings.  A Persian ceremonial saddlecloth can make a gilet a statement piece; a beautiful hand-embroidered fabric from Jaipur can be used as a trim on your favourite pair of jeans to transform them.  Contact us to see what can be done.

Create a unique piece that is proudly you”