Exclusive to HKH, our luxurious fabrics are made with the finest grade of Mulberry silk.  Silk is chosen for its sheen, to give life to the designs and do justice to the colours.

The designs are my own and are produced for HKH in collaboration with a Swiss artisan textile designer who translates my drawings and paintings into printable patterns and assists with the production of the fabrics.  The motifs, symbols, shapes and colours are all carefully combined for an elegant result.

The design process is organic.  The first step is often a simple sketch, I then add colour - it is a symphonic composition - I feel that the fabrics reflect this.  Nordic flowers and symbols blend with the colours and shapes of Iberia - a reflection of my fondest childhood memories and my own personality.  My Swedish family’s traditional woven folk art patterns are given a proud renaissance.

The fabrics are used to create our HKH blouses, scarves and also incorporated into many of our other pieces.
The colours are chosen from the HKH complementary colour palette, ensuring individual garments from the collection can be worn together.

In addition to creating my own fabrics, I source vintage and luxury designer fabrics from Zurich and abroad and incorporate these into my vests and coats.  

The weight of our fabrics allow garments to be worn year-round regardless of the season.  A silk blouse can be worn on its own in summer, with a vest layered over it in the evenings or between seasons, and a shearling-lined piece may be added for winter.  Our scarves add elegance at any time.

“Express your true self every day in every way” 

Serie "Dalarna"

Serie "Dalahäst"

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